12 Life Hacks for Event Planners

Hacks for Event Planners

Life Hacks for Event Planners

Event planning is a system of handling a project like wedding, meeting, tradeshow, convention, ceremony, party or team building activity. It includes establishing timelines, acquiring permits, budgeting, selecting and reserving the event sites, coordinating transportation, planning food, arranging for activities, developing a theme, arranging for equipment and facilities, selecting speakers and keynotes, enveloping contingency plans and managing risk.

An event planner who often called as convention planner or meeting planner is the person who commensurate all perspective of official meetings, events, and ceremony. Their duty is to choose locations of meetings to arrange activities, planning foods and coordinates other details. Basically, persons who plan events are called event planner.

Planning meetings or events is very stressful work for any person. Choosing event planning as a career can be very demanding. An event planner must be capable of multitasking on several things at a time, face lavish problems and deadlines and combine the activities of many diversified groups of people. To visit expected meeting sites, they may need to travel thoroughly to attend meetings. Their working hour has no limits. Working more than 45 hours per week is very common for event planners.

Hacks for Event Planners

They need to always be prepared for all situations and physical activities like carrying of boxes of materials, long hours of standing and walking. Every event needs flexibility, creativity, and organization. An event planner needs to work well under pressure. They must be able to multi-task juggle multiple projects. They need to be very claimed when dealing with their clients. Strong verbal communication and well-written skills allow negotiating well with clients and vendors. It also helps to understand of a budget that will help to stay on target with expenses.

Chambers of Commerce, Car Dealerships, Casinos, Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Banking/ Investment groups, Country Clubs, Department Stores, Museums, Shopping Malls, Tourism Organizations, Universities, Private Schools, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hotels/ Resorts, Hospitals, Coalitions, Cruise Lines, Theme Parks hires event planners.

Life of an event planner is not so easy. They need to tackle many situations. Most often, they forget that they are also human. They have a personal life. To become successful, they forget about their personal life. They made their life quite difficult. To eliminate this, every event planners should follow some hacks to lead their life quite smoothly. Here are some hacks for them. With these hacks, they can practice better self-management and get more things done!

  • They should pack extra charger and battery for their mobile phone so that they can use it in emergency case.
  • New shoes are quite difficult to wear. Sometimes it feels pain. For avoiding this situation, event planners should wear comfortable shoes.
  • A bottle of water and a protein diet can help them to hydrated and energized.
  • They can store their cables in toilet paper tubes. It is the easiest way to find them sorted.
  • They need to do one work at a time If you are looking at your emails, your first duty is replying all of them.
  • They should determine their productive life. You need to know which time is the best for your work, which time you feel very relax. You should work on that time It will help you to do your work very smoothly.
  • An event planner should learn to say no Sometimes you can find that doing others work. If you find something like that, please stop. You already have many works. Do them first.
  • Working a lot can harm your mental health. You can become gloomy. To avoid this, you need to take some break and rest. It can give you a mental peace. It gives your mind a rest and helps you to make more productive.
  • An event planner should set goals. It helps you to focus and gives more appointees to what he wants to acquire.
  • An event planner should make a time schedule so that they can find time for each and every work including their personal life.
  • If you have a project and notifications are annoying you, then you need to immediately turn your phone in airplane mood and keep it in other room so that you can do your project calmly.
  • Asking questions is very good sign for an event planner. By that, he can understand what his client actually wants. Nevertheless, the question must be relevant. The irrelevant question can be annoying for clients.


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