13 Google Advanced Search Techniques You Should Know


I’m sure you already used Google search engine or you probably heard about it. As a matter of fact, it is the most widely used search engine in the world. People use this to locate the information they want to know quicker and effortlessly on a daily basis for either educational, personal or professional purpose. However, there is one way to upgrade browsing on this engine. This is called Google Advanced Search.

2These are few easy steps to get into it.

First, go to www. google.com and start searching the word/ phrase/ sentence you want to research. Look for the setting sign and click on it. Select on Advanced search on the choices provided then multiple boxes appears for matching and mixing of your keywords.

Fill in the boxes provided. Guidelines on these are provided beside each box. The boxes to be filled out will depend on how you would like the information on pages would appear. It is your choice if you want to fill in a certain box or not.


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