5 Used-to-be Famous Stars Who need to Realize They’re Not Now


Fame is a fickle thing. One minute, people are clamoring around you, snapping pictures and following you on twitter. You’re suddenly on everyone’s premiere list, being featured in magazines, and taking selfies with new celebrity besties. You’re on the A-list and riding high!

The next thing you know, you’re lobbying for a spot on dancing with the stars, appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and Amish Living, and eventually found walking the red carpet with a bag over your head that says: “I’m Not Famous Anymore”.

We get the picture. No one likes to lose their celebrity, but some find it harder to accept than others. Here areformerly famous 5 celebrities who won’t accept its time to throw in the towel:

1Tori Spelling:

Famous for her 90’s TV role as high schooler Donna Martin of Beverly Hills 90210 fame, Tori Spelling has had a number of business-venture failings in hopes of regaining her spotlight. From several made-for TV afternoon movie specials in the 90’s to herTori & Dean, and True Tori reality TV series, Dean and she have tried on many hats in pursuit of financial and career success. Everything from running a B&B, to launching a baby’s clothes line, to their recent HGTV segment on home improvement, Tori Spelling seems unwilling to relinquish the celebrity mantle just yet. Time to pack it in, Tori.



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