5 Used-to-be Famous Stars Who need to Realize They’re Not Now


Fame is a fickle thing. One minute, people are clamoring around you, snapping pictures and following you on twitter. You’re suddenly on everyone’s premiere list, being featured in magazines, and taking selfies with new celebrity besties. You’re on the A-list and riding high!

The next thing you know, you’re lobbying for a spot on dancing with the stars, appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and Amish Living, and eventually found walking the red carpet with a bag over your head that says: “I’m Not Famous Anymore”.

We get the picture. No one likes to lose their celebrity, but some find it harder to accept than others. Here areformerly famous 5 celebrities who won’t accept its time to throw in the towel:

2Kirstie Alley:

Kirsty Ally won her claim-to-fame as Rebecca Howe on the very popular TV show Cheers back in 1987. She went on to star in Look Who’s Talking and Shoot to Kill in the early 90’s, followed by a 3-year stunt as Veronica Chase on Veronica Closet in1997. After several failed attempts on reality TV with the short-lived 2005 showFat Actress,followed by Kirstie Alley’s Big Life in 2010, and 2013’s Kirstie,her career has continued to meander around and peter out.Her struggle with weightdid land her a celebrity endorsement for Jenny Craig in 2012, and she’s one of many Hollywood celebs. who’ve appeared onDancing with the Starsattempting comebacks. In 2012, her loyal fan basemade her one of the most popular contestants in the show’s history. However, she has struggled to be consistent, or recapture her early popularity. Say, “Goodnight” Kirstie, the party’s over.


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