6 Of The Creepiest Vacation Spots On The Globe

Vacation Spots

There are countless ways to enjoy travel, and depending on your interests there are many places to go. However, for those of you who enjoy the dark stuff then finding some of the creepiest places on earth can be tricky, but it is possible. This article is going to give you 6 examples of the creepiest vacation spots on earth.

1The Hand in the Desert, Chile

Vacation spots in South America are extremely popular, from the Copacabana Beach in Brazil to hiking the Machu Picchu to experience the Inca tribes past. However, Chile offers one of the most unique and breathe taking sports in all of the South American continent, The Hand in the Desert. An 11 meter high monument created by the sculptor, Mario Irarrazabal, The Hand in the Desert offers a breath taking image. However, it is not the sight of the image that visitors should worry about, it is what it could represent. When looking at the sculpture, it appears to be something of a giant, emerging through the ground and back onto earth after years of being buried underground. Could this be the hand of god’ that Chile’s neighbours, Argentina, are so famous for? It is for you to decide!



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