6 New Hollywood Icons That Are Going to Beat the Old Ones



How much do you love Hollywood big names? Truth of the matter is, we all have our role models when it comes to Hollywood actors and most of these are those we credit with huge blockbusters. However, there are young promising artists that are giving these old guards a run for their money. In this article, we take a look at some of the new Hollywood icons that may replace the old ones.

2Douglas Booth

Another of the Hollywood icons to watch out for in the future is this young man. After starring in a play Agamemmnon when he was a little boy. Douglas then joined the National Youth Theater. He starred in his first movie From Time to Time in 2009.
Douglas is only twenty-four years old, but he has bright prospects. He impressed film critics with his performance in Women About the Boy, in which he played the role of singer Boy George. After this performance, he went on to star alongside Gillian Anderson and Winstone in Great Expectations. He has also played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. At the end of last year, he received rave reviews from film critics for his performance in Then There Were None, an adaptation of an Agatha Christie story.


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