8 Top Sneakiest Spy Gadgets of All Time


Sometimes it can be as simple as slipping sensitive data through a CD thought to be a Lady Gaga album (ask Chelsea Manning). Sometimes the top sneakiest spy gadgets of all time ask for more flair. Here are some of coolest and kookiest that have been used throughout the years.

1Spy Pens

This truly the golden standard for secret gadgets. The first just took grainy photos at first, but now we’re talking about pens with 8GB hard drives at 720p quality. You can now go to the study hall and capture the funniest people watching one ever ready to be put on YouTube in seconds. They really become some of the most top sneakiest spy gadgets of all time when you find the motion detector ones. Then again, there’s always the exploding one from Goldeneye if plans aren’t going like they should…



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