9 Unbelievable Facts About The Mayans That Might Surprise You


As Arid Durant once said “a great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within,” it turns out that there is more to the vast and mysterious Mayan civilization than what is being vaguely understood by most people. From the Yucatan in the north to Honduras in the south, Belize in the east, and Mexico City in the west, the ruins of Mesoamerica (many of which are over a thousand years old) continue to intrigue and fascinate archaeologists and researchers worldwide. In an attempt to help you decipher the profound history of the Mayans, we piece together astonishing facts about the Mayans- a civilization that developed its own written language, architecture as well as mathematical and astronomical system. Here are 9¬†unbelievable facts about the Mayans that might surprise you


The amazing facts about the Mayans continue to fascinate civilians and expert researchers alike. It is believed that their impressive civilization flourished for over 2,000 years, in the middle of America (also called Mesoamerica). During this time, they built impressive stone pyramids as well as temples and idols for worship- many of which stand as historical monolithic structures to this day.



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