Android Pay v1.19 Prepares To Show Full Transaction Histories Even When Pay Isn’t Used, Adding Support For Nanaco Cards In Japan Soon.



Android pay v1.19 started rolling out last night, however like most of the its latest updates, there are not any obvious new functions to look after updating. However, a teardown of the app does display there are a few things inside the works, or perhaps even prepared to launch inside the close to future. Supported cards will quickly allow android pay to expose complete transaction history, even supposing the acquisition turned into made outside of android pay. It will soon be viable to block touchy facts from appearing on display, as a way to prevent prying eyes from stealing that information. And eventually, jap customers can sit up for assist for the nanaco fee card.

Nanaco card support (Japan)

Back in december, google introduced its first reliable android pay associate in japan would be rakuten. This obviously wasn’t going to be the handiest charge approach to enroll in the membership, and now it appears quite possibly that the nanaco card with the aid of seven turns into the second.

For the ones unfamiliar with nanaco card, and i expect most of our readers are, it’s a prepaid emoney card popular at numerous price terminals in japan. There are quite some similarities among nanaco and rakuten edy. In reality, they’re comparable enough that my original teardown revealing the rakuten edy partnership covers most of the salient points.


<string name=”seven_company_name”>Seven card service</string>
<string name=”how_to_use_nanaco”>How to use nanaco</string>
<string name=”instore_topup_education_subtitle”>Then you can use Android Pay wherever nanaco is accepted</string>
<string name=”instore_topup_education_title”>Your nanaco card was created.
Add money at a store.</string>
<string name=”instore_topup_info_text”>Add money in stores. %1$s</string>
<string name=”nanaco_ap_provisions_link_label”>Special Provisions for Android Pay</string>
<string name=”nanaco_campaign_email_optin_label”>Send me promotional emails from Seven &amp; i Holdings Co., Ltd.</string>
<string name=”nanaco_deleted_message”>Your nanaco account is deactivated. Please click delete button below to delete the nanaco card. If you have any question, please reach out to nanaco customer support (0570–071–555).
nanaco number: %1$s
Error code: AMBE10</string>
<string name=”nanaco_information_share_disclaimer”>By continuing, you agree to share this info with nanaco</string>
<string name=”nanaco_name”>nanaco</string>
<string name=”nanaco_sign_up_form_message”>Enter your info to create a nanaco account</string>
<string name=”nanaco_too_young_error”>Must be at least 16 years old</string>
<string name=”nanaco_tos_link_label”>Terms and Conditions of nanaco mobile</string>

It’s in no way safe to predict release dates, but the tear down for the rakuten edy card was observed just a few days later through an reliable declaration, and the identical element could truely happen again with nanaco. Unlike the launch of rakuten edy aid, there’s no point out of promotional incentives for signing up.

Hiding sensitive information from view

Protection has been a major manufacturing unit inside the evolution of our smartphones, but there are nevertheless gaps where statistics can leak in a single way or another. One of the simplest ways for any individual to get some of your records is simply by looking at it when your telephone is showing it. Google appears to be planning to remedy this with a couple of new buttons that permit customers to in my opinion conceal the bar code and member identification for playing cards.


It appears strange to single out those things and now not provide it for different touchy fields; however it is in reality feasible for Google to add extra inside the destiny. There are not any clean indicators approximately what is going to seem in area of the barcode and member identity, but i think they will be easy replacements, like asterisks for the member identification and a black container for the barcode.

Full transaction histories, even when Android Pay isn’t used

In case you’ve used android pay for a touch even as, there may be an amazing hazard you’ve got observed that it simplest tracks transactions made with android pay itself, not those made without delay with the card or via non-bodily way (e.G. Online purchases). This is not too surprising because google would need get right of entry to to transaction history direct from the issuer of the payment card to fill within the gaps. As it seems, this is something google is in reality going to do.

New lines of textual content seem inside the today’s update pronouncing that some playing cards may be in a position to expose complete transaction records, even for the ones made outdoor of android pay. This is limited to simply the ones cards that assist it, and that list might be pretty short to begin with.


In view that there’s no point out of getting into login call and password, it seems like google need to be running out deals with vendors in preference to beginning an account and simply scraping for the records like many economic monitoring services have been regarded to do.

There may be definitely not lots more to get rid of from the restrained text that’s here, so it’s going to be it for this one.


The apk is signed with the aid of google and improvements your present app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the record is safe to put in and changed into now not tampered with in any way. In place of wait for google to push this download in your devices, that can take days, down load and set up it just like some other apk.

Version: 1.19.151587803


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