Causes, Effects and Solutions to the iPhone ‘Booting’ Issue


The whole purpose of a smartphone is to be accessible, the majority of the time, if not all the time. However, there are times when even the most decorated of smartphones fail to fulfill their purpose. One of the major culprits is Apple’s flagship ‘iPhone’, a revolutionary device first released on June 29, 2007. A mere 9 years later, there have been 7 (as of writing date) variations of the smartphone, all having products and bugs associated with each release. Common complaints by iPhone users are problems associated with the booting or starting up phase of the device. A quick search on the web can give you different methods of solving the problem but do they really work? Here we explore the causes, effects, and resolutions to the iPhone starting problem.

Identifying the Cause


This cause is mainly directed to iPhone users who attempt to access certain features not available in Apple’s main software. Those who wish to or have jailbroken their iPhone, have bypassed the safety features and fail safes implemented by Apple. While Jailbreak can offer many exciting and dazzling customizable options for your iPhone, it does not come without its own problems. One of those bugs is start-up failures.


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