Causes Of Windows Media Player Encountered A Problem While Playing The File


We all have to honestly say that the Windows Media Player is one of our most favorite media players if not the best of all because of minimalistic design and its ease of operation, not to mention its decent sound projection which is easy on your PCs speakers. Have you have encountered an error message, “WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM WHILE PLAYING FILE” on your media player thus preventing you from playing your favorite music or catching up on your favorite season of Game of Thrones? Well, no need to turn to another media player because it turns out that this common error message that plagues windows Media Player users can be solved by the click of some buttons.

windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file

The error message, “WINDOWS HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM WHILE PLAYING THE FILE” which is referred to as the Windows COOD11B1 Error in the computing circles but we shall stick to the error message to describe it since we don’t want to go very technical here have tried to simplify this article for the regular guy who isn’t a computer Beek but is just looking to solve this problem frustrating ASAP. The error message, “WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM WHILE PLAYING THE FILE” has been reported as the most common error message that occurs on Windows Media Player and this article has various remedies fashioned to solve it as well some of its common causes.


The registry refers to a very complex module on your PC that acts as a kind of register or database that stores various settings and options of the various applications and files on your PC. If you are anything like me then it’s probable that you have downloaded and installed a horde of apps and probably have like a million and one files on your PC. Sometimes your registry gets confused and overwhelmed by the many information it receives at a single point in time from these apps and file. This causes it to save settings and entries wrongly which manifests itself in the Windows Play through the error message, “WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM WHILE PLAYING THE FILE.”

The registry is a very difficult and dangerous territory to try to venture since any mix-up of entries could render your system unstable or lead to system failure. It is, therefore, advisable to seek the help of a qualified computer specialist to correct errors in your registry. Well a few years ago this could have been the only solution but thanks to innovation and technology, there are various apps out there that you can just execute and run and they would fix issues with your registry like a magic wand.


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