Common Kidney Cancer Symptoms To Look Out For

kidney cancer symptoms

What is Kidney Cancer?

Cancer occurs when body cells grow out of control. The outgrown cells lead to tumor formation or damaged tissues. Cancer cells can grow on any organ in the body. If cancer cells grow on the kidney, kidney cancer occurs. Usually, the risk of kidney cancer increases as you age. Some factors can lead to an increased risk of kidney cancer. These factors include a genetic family history of the illness, smoking , over dosage of painkillers or exposure to harmful chemicals.

kidney cancer symptoms

There are several forms of kidney cancer: renal cell carcinoma forms on the inner tubes of the kidney and is common in adults. Cancer cells can also grow at the center of the kidney leading to transitional cell carcinoma. Wilm’s tumor is a form of kidney cancer common in children. Understanding kidney cancer symptoms will help you identify the condition early and curb its spread. If diagnosed early and the right treatment options adopted, kidney cancer can be cured. It is for this reason that its imperative to master all kidney cancer symptoms. Signs and symptoms of kidney cancer may not be visible in the early stages. As the illness progresses, some symptoms occur and they include:

1Blood in Urine

This is the most common symptom of kidney cancer. The blood in urine will be visible enough and leads to change in the color of urine. Urine may have a dark brown coloration and could also be reddish. This is a common symptom irrespective of whether you are suffering from transitional or renal cell cancer. Blood in urine can also be detected while undergoing routine physical examinations such as scans, ultra sound or urinalysis. Urinalysis can help identify even a slight amount of blood in urine.



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