Most Common Misconceptions About Fried Food

Fried Food

There are quite numerous misconceptions about fried food. However, here is a deep insight into the 4 most common and health related misconceptions about fried food.

1Fried Foods are fatty

It is widely thought that fried foods are the same as unhealthy, fatty oily foods. This is a misconception and absolutely untrue. Although, it is definitely unhealthy to consume fried foods frequently, they are many different ways to prepare fried foods to make them crisp and grease free. In fact, cooking at optimum temperatures and using non-oxidizing oils such as coconut and olive oil renders fried foods risk free. When food comes into contact with hot oil, the change in temperature causes the moisture to boil and to move to surface. This movement of moisture from the food molecules to the surface actually minimizes the chances of oil absorption into the food especially when frying is done at 190 degrees Celsius.



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