Events Industry Technology that You Need in your Back Pocket

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Events Industry Technology that You Need in your Back Pocket

With the explosion of technology, the events industry has changed a lot in the last decade. If you’re a professional working in the events industry, you may feel a bit overwhelmed or behind the curve when it comes to how technology is changing the way the events industry works. After all, new technology is springing up every day, and it can be a huge challenge figuring out how these new technologies can be incorporated into the flow of your job.

The extremely fast pace of technology change doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in the immediate future. As you know, the events industry has garnered great benefits from all of the technological advancements over the last decade. With more advancements happening all of the time, new technologies are poised to further influence the events industry in the coming months and years.

Even with all of this technology, at the end of the day, the events industry is about one thing — people. Keying in on the people element of the events industry comprises such integral activities as audience presentations, networking, and socializing with colleagues and friends. However, when you inject technology into an event it can help drive a level of success that simply wasn’t possible ten or more years ago.

To follow, I’ll share with you six of the most powerful technology tools you can utilize to help make your next event a resounding success.

1The Check-in App

An app called Boomset is a magical solution that can be coupled and completely synced with Eventbrite to sign-in your attendees in real time. No more watching people stand in line waiting for manual registrations while paying your employees to work the registration line. This is a dream come true for the events industry because it gives large crowds the ability to check-in themselves without the wait or hassle of a long line. This is a true must-have for your next event.



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