Factors Of How Much Do Flight Attendants Make


Flight attendants experience careful screening during the hiring procedure, then thorough training before they begin working with the general public. For a decent flight specialist, a smile and a welcoming greeting it’s a job duty.

Flight specialists guarantee the comfort and well being of plane travelers. They give food and refreshment benefit on numerous flights. They likewise educate travelers about welfare measures before and during flight operations. Flight attendants work as customer service contacts with passengers, noting questions about prizes and taking care of complaints. At long last, the attendants serve a vital security part by watching traveler conduct and reporting and taking care of any issues they encounter. All these factors contribute to how much do flight attendants make.

Quite a bit of a flight attendant’s roles is visible to the air passengers. The attendant welcome visitors on board a flight and help them in finding allocated seating and keeping their luggage safely. They likewise handle the services required by the five-star travelers. They can help with finding gate information for associating fliers and other travel benefits also Flight attendants guarantee that amid turbulence, departures, and arrivals, all travelers have fastened their seat belts well and are secure in their seats. Better customer service will increase how much do flight attendants make.

The flight attendants job revolves around a few myths, the most inescapable being that they are getting rich off additional time Nothing could be further from reality. Some carriers pay attendants depending on the hours spend on the flight and any delay simply implies that there is a possibility of working more hours for a fewer hours compensation. Average pay rates for flight attendants are about $37,000, with beginning pay rates around $16,000.

Notwithstanding the reputation of the employment, there’s nothing glitzy about life as an attendant, particularly in an initial couple of years. Entry attendants who work for significant carriers begin making $18,000-$20,000 a year Flight attendants who are working in smaller aircraft and local companies, they make even less. Many people still hold the perception that flight attendants earn over $40,000 a year How much do flight attendants make is still a question that has no conclusive answer. Making this money is very possible but only if you have stayed in the industry for a longer period working for a prominent flight company.

Factors determining how much do flight attendants make

Different flight attendants can earn as low as $15,000 to the highest up to $100,000 per year The following factors cause this difference.

2B. The carrier the attendant is working for.

Airlines are categorized as First Class, Business Class, and Economy class. The first class are for executives, Business class for average people and economy class are for everybody who can afford a flight. Flight attendants working for First class carriers are highly paid followed by Business class and lastly Economy class. This factor is key to how much do flight attendants make.


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