How To Transfer Apps To New Phone – iPhone Or Android


So, you have bought a brand new phone, probably a better one! But, though an upgrade, it still feels somehow strange. This is a usual experience since the new phone lacks your apps, preferences and customization. Nowadays, all these data can be easily transferred at the same time from your old cellphone to your new device. In this article, we will show you how to transfer apps to new phone easily and quickly. We will demonstrate the process for each system.

How To Transfer Apps To New Phone - iPhone Or Android

Android or Apple.

1How to transfer apps to new phone for iOS systems

Before starting the process, you have to make sure you are connected to a WiFi hotspot. You can do this transfer even with your mobile data. But, that would have a greater cost. You also risk issues in case you run out of bandwidth or the phone turns off. So, check your battery life! If you have more than 50%, you are good to go!

  • For iOS 10.2 or previous versions, go to Settings. Select iCloud and then Backup. For other iOS versions, you have to go to Settings. Then choose the option with your name. After that the same as above, select iCloud and then iCloud Backup.
  • If it is disabled, enable iCloud Backup! Then click the “Back Up now” button.
  • Wait till the backup finishes!

With this, we are done with your old iPhone. We will continue with your new Apple phone. But before, if you have already set up the device, you will need to erase these changes. To do this, go to Settings, General and then Reset. Select “Erase All Content And Settings”. This will restart the device.

  • If you have not already done so, turn on the device! You will be prompted to a “Hello” screen.
  • Press the Home button. A WiFi menu should appear. Connect to an available network!
  • You will now see the “Apps & Data” screen. Select “Restore from iCloud Backup”!
  • Click “Next” and then log in to your iCloud account!
  • You will then be showed a list of possible backups. Check their dates and choose the right one!
  • If your backup content comes from different Apple IDs, you will have to log in to each of them. Or, you can skip these contents!
  • Wait till the process finishes. Remember to make sure you stay connected and you have enough battery. If not, plug in!
  • When finished, you can continue with the normal setup. It is also recommended keeping the phone connected to WiFi. This way, the contents that need a large amount of data and time like images, videos, apps, etc., will be automatically downloaded.

This is it! Now your new Apple phone is ready!



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