I’m not no intercourse in advance of saying no gender getting the fresh purpose away from intercourse


I’m not no intercourse in advance of saying no gender getting the fresh purpose away from intercourse

As one male observer regarding the Diaspora said sarcastically, “brand new boys will give merchandise now, and you will consistently overcome and you will cheat on their spouses the next day…”

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One of those ‘defenders away from traditions’ were revealing last week on their content a choice of bribing spiritual women on Yerevan church buildings (!!) so they can come and you can interrupt the action. Zero shocks here.

Observe a-riot police van accompanying a little ladies’ march, which is some thing. Exactly how frightened will they be having people display of rights path?!

Because of that small fraction of activists, the brand new hope for changes in all of our nation stays no less than live. Well written in order to Women’s Financing Hub and you may supporters in making International Women’s Go out from inside the Armenia somehow connected to the real meaning.

Extremely facts, Onnik, and you will well said. I would personally include one to instead females become intimately liberated into the Armenia, perhaps boys will be be more restrainted and you will rethink gender just like the a real domination. So not bury the newest red apple, however, give it so you can males.

I’m prepared to note that females ultimately are beginning in order to do something about citation of its privacy and their legal rights within the Armenia.

Hi Onnik. One modification, into exposure – there are not just professional-regulators writers in our midst. You to definitely child, running a blog from the is actually resistance recommend, really close to Erkrapah people. As well as there have been some people, that do not care about government whatsoever.

The point is you to definitely while i deeply value best of those individuals elizabeth styles my to mock it. I find it comedy, when anyone beginning to fight against smth, that’s completely out of their organization.

I would put that as an alternative women to-be intimately liberated for the Armenia, perhaps men is be much more restrainted and you can reconsider gender due to the fact a good actual control. Thus maybe not bury the brand new purple apple, however, provide to guys. I fully accept you. Actually the yellow apple is actually a beneficial willingly supported customs. That’s all. Just in case a woman really wants to keep the girl virginity – she do so.

Ruben, often answer your statements later since I am handling my personal son at present. However, I really don’t conflict that the standard patriarchal attitude during the Armenia was “accepted” because of the vast majority. Furthermore, resistance otherwise specialist-authorities, what was fascinating throughout the those who decided to disturb case is actually you to other than one person, they were the men.

Or even, I do not imagine you’ll undertake opposition supporters infiltrating a little rally by the, state, Miasin (a childhood group apparently the fresh new brainchild of your presidential management) so you can chant their own slogans (it’s actually almost a beneficial provocation), so i dont see why some body is attempt to interrupt a good quick march to advertise ladies liberties to your In the world Women’s Time.

Years of females and you may people deprived from typical relationship on account of you to definitely humiliating everyone customs

You should look on the in the sidelines or even phase their knowledge to market the new virginity of females, but some some body won’t check out the means pulled from you men becoming compatible or necessary. He has their straight to march, just as you have got your personal. New remark from one of the communities saying that such as for instance demos can be illegal nearly claims everything, in my opinion.

Anyway, on additional points — and particularly insufficient threshold otherwise value to possess individual freedom or gender — later.


Onnik, there is certainly no purpose in order to interrupt case. No one try clogging new protesters, no one is insulting otherwise attacking him or her. Therefore let’s be honest right here – the brand new protest is actually mocked, while the only persons who had been insulted had been Pigh, and you may Infernoarm, have been titled fascists.


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