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iCloud for Android devices

iCloud is a cloud service that offers cloud storage. iCloud was an Apple Inc. came into being back in 2011. Its market has grown quite drastically to become one of the leading service providers for millions of users.Androids, on the other hand, are made-made organisms that are created, manufactured or designed to act and look like actual human beings. Thus they have a resemblance to people regarding their actions. iCloud for Androids is, therefore, a cloud storage that gives you an extra amount of space for storage.

The cloud storage is available in smartphones, mobile phones and tablets. It allows you to store almost all your life documents i.e. Your photos, music, personal and other files. You can also save your Electronic emails, short–text-messages, contacts, etc.The storage allows you to synchronize your devices. If for instance, you sync a photo, that photo will appear in all your other electronic devices if they are synchronized. Let us say for example you have a laptop, tablet, iPad and a phone and then you go to walk outside with your phone and decide to take a photo.

That photo will appear on your laptop, tablet and iPad at the exact time you took the picture.Naturally, iCloud services might not function or run properly on Android devices. This problem does not mean that this is the end of the world for Android users. As a user, you only have followed some few steps, and all will be well. The process is quite simple. Steps to follow for setting up an iCloud for Android devices1. Find out the iCloud server that is likely to host your account. There are different cloud storage servers for a different type of account users.

This issue may be due to server congestion, but it is not clear as such. You should thus ensure that you search for a server that has your particular account. You can use Safari and search for your server ID that is unique by just logging into icloud.com account.You will then have to open your activity window that will simply show you the full paths of your server. These paths are the server routes you will access at each website. The is not quite complicated as such as it is computer generated.

Below are other simple steps to find your iCloud for Android Serveri. Go to your android calendarii. Click the icon share next to the calendariii. Select ��public calendar.’iv. After selecting you will get the URL that has a pXX in between The pXX that should be in the form of p07,p08, p09, etc. is an essential number to you.So take your time and write it down as you will have to use it later on.2.

Create an IMAP account after setting up an email.The Internet Message Access Portal (IMAP) is an account that will allow your computer use various methods to access e-mails messages from a server that is rendered remote. These servers help in sending and receiving messages.After setting up that email and creating the new IMAP account on your Android phone, key in your E-mail address. After that, you will have to enter the Apple ID you have as your username and the iCloud password as the actual password.

The pXX number you had recorded earlier will help you at this point.You should also do some research and come with an answer whether your phone supports CalDAV and CardDAV protocols. If it does support, then the protocols, you are on the safer side, If it is not compatible with the protocols, then you will have to go to you google store and download a few apps.Some of the apps will include Free Beta, Caldav Sync and CardDAV Sync, so your Android phone allows synchronization.

This problem comes in when you want to sync your contacts and calendar.When you are through, go back to the number you had written down. First access the apps you have downloaded if you did or your contact settings. Use the pXX to fill the iCloud E-mail, and that will be your contact server.Afterwards, click on “use SSL” and use the iCloud E-mail as your username and the iCloud password for actual password.

After this, you will have set up your iCloud for Android.The iCloud for Android ,just like apple electronic devices, has some monthly fee for the cloud storage of your documents.The amount payable might not be large or small, but it is relative to your devices.Regardless of the amount,it is worth it to set up the iCloud for Androids.


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