In order to the girl amaze, Amy finds out Adam is actually relationships Bridgett, a moms and dad of one out-of Emma’s family


In order to the girl amaze, Amy finds out Adam is actually relationships Bridgett, a moms and dad of one out-of Emma’s family

“Staff Enjoy Date”: Regarding the store, Amy announces it is “Staff member Appreciation Time” having rewards towards the teams eg 100 % free frozen dessert and you may massages. Jonah derides Amy’s announcement once the a make an effort to prevent team of submitting relationship cards. Amy and Jonah see the staff score frozen dessert. Jonah derides the newest tries to squash the latest union if you find yourself Amy defends her actions, that have saved the store out of are shut down. Worried that the teams try signing connection notes, on Crack Place, Amy and you will Dina tell you the employees an enthusiastic anti-connection videos featuring MC Chill Cloud. Amy and you may Jonah dispute the ranks in front of the team. Amy highlights one to unions are not always the clear answer however when Jonah reminds the woman of your not enough pregnancy get-off, she touts this woman is never having youngsters once again. Cheyenne phone calls Amy a good hypocrite to own siding with “the challenger”, business. Amy gets a good Skype out-of Jeff caution their on the ICE’s coming. Running into the store, Amy yells during the Mateo to get out of your own shop. During the Amy’s office, Freeze Representative Robson experiences the latest store’s payroll info while you are Amy watches. Making the girl office, Amy runs into Jonah and you can claims this woman is done becoming loyal so you’re able to corporate. On the Factory, Amy gathers plenty of professionals and you will requests suggestions to score Mateo outside of the shop. Jonah indicates they have the professionals to name someone they are aware to your store and you may vow the group will allow Mateo to slide aside. Amy brings direction so you can Heather and you can Marcus where to posting its relatives and is astonished to acquire Kelly indeed there. That have lead lots of her other associates in the Fenton store, Amy is worried that Jonah and you may Kelly nonetheless stay in touch. Having reviewed new payroll details, during the customer service, Broker Robson says to Amy, Garrett and you may Jonah these are generally selecting Mateo. Lying that they have no idea him, Robson sees a picture of Mateo on the wall. Amy simply leaves while Garrett and you can Jonah nonetheless allege lack of knowledge. Interested in Cheyenne and Mateo taking walks through the store, Amy alerts her or him one to Freeze knows what Mateo ends up. Caught up, Amy gets a call this lady walkie away from Dina, who’s from the Security Work environment. With the checks of your own store’s adult cams, Dina actually starts to guide her or him out of the agents. Amy and you may Cheyenne propose a last-forget design to disturb the fresh agencies but Mateo ends her or him and provides himself right up. Outside of the store, the staff and you can users view since the Mateo is actually determined away from the Frost. Due to the fact Glenn puzzles what direction to go, Jonah can’t think about things. Amy indicates they initiate a beneficial relationship.


Adam try Amy’s ex-husband. It came across in twelfth grade, he was a recreations pro. Amy turned into expecting, they y gave beginning on their der and not most practical. He’s pursued enough were not successful people including and also make Bbq clips, an effective stop boxing gymnasium, a great Reggaeton album and home brewed alcohol. Consequently, Amy must function as the in charge one and you can she produces all money to save your family afloat. Adam resents which and also at Cheyenne’s matrimony, he has the second away from knowledge in which one another demonstrate that they would not was y’s pregnancy.

Over time, an unquestionable interest develops between them hence fuels a relationship and you may a love/dislike dating

Into the store’s grand re-opening, Amy says to Jonah she’s bringing a divorce. Within the kody promocyjne mylol left Bridgett which she actually is pregnant together with child. Later on, she tells Adam she actually is expecting. He would like to get back together with her however, Amy will not. She’s Adam’s baby, a kid entitled Parker, when you look at the late 2018.

Jonah is attracted to Amy from the moment the guy fits her. Amy try sluggish to help you reciprocate given that she’s married and, she finds Jonah unpleasant. Throughout the Jonah’s 2nd year at shop, she grows esteem to own Jonah as he are instrumental in enabling Glenn their job back and located for worker legal rights. Jonah is explained from the anyone else just like the their “performs partner” due to the of a lot points they actually do with her. Once conference her moms and dads, Jonah shows Amy to let other people look after by themselves. One another certainly has unresolved ideas each other that are shown at the Cheyenne’s relationships. When an excellent tornado strikes a shop, she shelters which have Jonah and you will kisses him. After, she feels awkward doing him.


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