Muscle Stem Cells Patch Treatment For Heart Failure


Muscle stem cells patch treatment for heart failure

Medical science is striving hard to develop new drugs and treatments every second of the day. This is a never ending race to save humankind from every possible disease.

A latest study test proves a groundbreaking innovative treatment for heart failure. It consists of treating patients own muscles stem cells. In treatment doctors successfully patched up heart, concluding encouraging results.

Heart failure stats only in U.S. are devastating, around 5.7 million persons are experiencing heart failure. In 2009, 1 in 9 deaths yet alone was caused by this condition.

There could be many reasons for a heart disease. But the researchers focus on a few such as: high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes alone can be enough to cause heart failure. Other factors may be vital cause, including smoking, high fat diet, no exercise routine, or being over weight.

At present many treatments are available for treating this disease but they are far from ideal. Basic interventions aim to treat the conditions of the initial cause – high blood pressure, for starters. Treatment aim to reduce symptoms, prevent further damage, improve quality of life and increase life span.

There are medical treatments available if lifestyle changes and medication are not sufficient. These treatments include a pacemaker, which help both sides of the heart to contract in accordance. And a implant of cardioverter defibrillator used to correct heart’s rhythm in case it go off track.

In some cases, the only options left is heart transplant, but due to shortage of donors and the intense surgery procedures makes it last port of call.

Repair heart through stem cells

At present the treatments for heart failure are not ideal, and unfortunately there are no long term permanent solution. Even with the best care with great doctors and latest hospitals, it often proves fatal. Though re-generating the heart tissue itself would be an ideal option. Although it may be possible one day if the results of the current studies are confirmed.

In the Journal of American Heart Association published, the study shows the use of muscle stem cells in the repair of damaged heart. A Japanese team of doctors previously shown the technique’s using muscle stem cells benefited tremendously in rat model. So now it is the time to move into humans.

The team conducted test choosing, in total 27 patients effected with heart failure with limited exercise capacity and were not responding to any other treatments.

This phase of treatment started with making patches of cells from the patient’s own thigh muscles. These patches of cells called as autologous somatic tissue were then surgically glued on the affected surface of the heart’s left ventricle.

Stem cells are sometimes used to replace the body’s damaged or falling tissue. However, they can also help regenerate tissue in other way known as paracrine effect. The implantation help secretes factors that encourage damaged tissue to behave differently. This is what was observed in the current study. The implanted tissue helps the damaged tissue rather than taking over it.

Post surgery, patient showed significant improvements in exercise capacity and heart functions. During and after the process no severe complications were recorded.


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