Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma


With so many forms of cancer, it is easy enough to occasionally get them confused. This includes both bone marrow and the spleen. It is not unusual for cancer to start in a lung, or even the colon, then spread to the lymph tissues, though they are not considered as actual forms of Lymphoma.

There are two primary types of Lymphoma, Hodgkins, and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. They both respond to treatment differently. They also spread and cause different reactions from the body. Every cancer is a unique entity, producing different symptoms, side effects, and requiring screening for the proper course of treatment.

2What exactly is lymphoma?

This disease strikes in the lymph system, which is part of the human immune system, aka it helps the body fight infection. The issue with this is that lymph nodes are located all over the body. Most people who have lymphoma end up with Hodgkins, which will cause abnormal lymphocytes/white blood cells. These cells are called Reed Sternberg cells.


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