Russia Launched New Powerful Nuclear Submarine

(FILES) A file picture taken in Brest harbor, western France, on September 21, 2004, shows the Vepr Russian nuclear submarine of the Project 971 Shchuka-B type, or Akula-class (Shark) by NATO classification , the same type as the Nerpa Russian nuclear submarine. Russia has handed over the nuclear-powered attack submarine Nerpa to India at a ceremony that followed more than two years of delays, a source in the naval chief of staff told ITAR-TASS today. AFP PHOTO / FRED TANNEAU

It’s the cold War-era and Russia has launched its most technologically advanced and powerful nuclear attack submarine. This new weapon has restored Russia’s dominance of the sea.

Kazan nuclear submarine is a multipurpose Yasen class-fourth-generation, which had been under construction since 2009 in Sevmash shipyards in the White seaport city of Severodvinsk. Reported by Russia’s state owned TASS News Agency. High ranking Russian Navy officials popped champagne bottles at the launching event of Kazan nuclear submarine. Celebrating not only to the new ship but to the return of an era for Russian armed forces.

Defense news reported on Friday, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, the head of Russian Navy: We operated last year at the levels not seen before since soviet-era in terms of time spent underway.” “Russian submarine fleet spent 3000 days at sea last year, this is an excellent figure.”

Kazan high tech capabilities include a long range target destruction and carry up to eight Kalibr cruise missile. This cruise missile has the capability of delivering nuclear warhead and ballistic up to 990 pounds. Such warheads can carry a distance of 30 miles within sea to submarines, 410 miles targets over ground and 1500 miles targets on land. This high tech vessel can also carry equal number of supersonic Onix antI-ship cruise missile which can destroy targets at a range of 370 miles. It’s missile storing capacity is so huge that 300 torpedoes can also be equipped with all other mentioned warheads. As the submarine entered Arctic waters, Admiral Korolev said that Capt. Alexander Beketov its future commander to be leading Russian submarine fleet deployed around the world.

Yasen-Class Submarine

Nuclear powered attack submarine also called Project 885 Yasen.

Yasen-class submarine is the latest multi purpose attack submarine in Russian Navy also having the capability of nuclear attack. It is planned to that Yasen-class submarine will be replacing Russia’s soviet-era attack submarine. As previously Russian Navy was operating Akula and Oscar-class submarine.

It is stated by one of the Top U.S. Naval submarine officer Rear. Admiral Johnson that “ With this new Yasen-class submarine We will be facing tough opponent.” The Admiral Johnson seems so impressed with the Russian vessel that he ordered a model to be made from undisclosed specifications, only to look at it every day while his way to the office.

Michael Kofman, one of the specialist on Russian Military affairs said: “Its one of the most advance nuclear submarine out there.”

Its is state by the London, The times that “Russia has world’s largest nuclear arsenal”. Russian kazan and some other nuclear submarines were a project started nearly a decade ago, and expected and approved budget of $650 billon.

Many of the European countries are concerned about the strong show of Russian Naval force. Moscow is accused by these nations for violating their sovereignty through territorial breaches and the procreation of disinformation. On the other hand Russians has accused U.S. and some Western nations through NATO military buildup along with Russian borders and military exercises in that region.


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