Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Has A Super Wide Screen, But A Bizarre Aspect Ratio


Now that Samsung is ditching its area logo and going all in on side-to-area, bezel-less displays for its flagship phone line, we’ll now need to deal with what may be one of the weirdest telephone display screen thing ratios out there. On each the galaxy s8’s five.8-inch and six.2-inch fashions, the device has an 18.5: nine issue ratio. That is partly due to Samsung’s overhauled hardware design, which mixes an aspect-to-aspect “infinity” display with decreased bezel and rounded corners to maximize display size over what is in any other case pretty acquainted actual estate. This is so the cellphone doesn’t seem that much larger for your hand; however the display truly looks and feels as though it’s been supersized.

Of route, 18.5:9 goes to carry with it some complications, particularly when it comes to movies. Due to the fact some films display at sixteen:9, the s8 and s8 plus is going to smack some vertical black bars on the left and right of files you watch in that format. (Android mechanically resizes apps to paintings with various display sizes, so you gainer’s must worry about cellular games and other apps doing the identical.

However, a lot of feature movies and other great YouTube content material in recent times are in 21:9, which has the benefit of eliminating those pernicious black bars at the top and backside of displays. Samsung’s telephones receiver’s take away the ones black bars, however the tool’s software program will stretch the image to match the 21:9 format and permit you to watch the video because it more naturally would seem on a television set.

So in most cases, this wonky factor ratio receiver’s be too much of a trouble. But take into account it a unusual wrinkle in an otherwise gargantuan smartphone show.


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