Six Tips On How To Get Fit Fast


Are you as fit as you would like to be? Do you find it difficult to get fit and find that you never seem to have enough time to spare on your exercise routines? If so then this article should help you solve these problems and show you how to get fit fast by following the seven guidelines below.

1How Fit Are You Currently?

This will give you a baseline to start from and as you update this baseline as you go along you will be able to set targets and measure how you are progressing. Easy ways to get a starting point are to measure the following:-

  • Your pulse rate before and after a brisk walk of say one mile.
  • How long it takes you to walk that mile.
  • How many standard push-ups you can do without stopping.
  • How close you can get to touching your toes without bending your knees.
  • Write Down Your Personal Fitness Program.

You are 11 times more likely to follow through with something if you write it down. Note where your current fitness level is and also the level you want to get to. Next, work out how many steps you feel you will need to take to get from your current level of fitness to where you want to get to. Understand that if you currently are unfit, it will take longer to be able to run 10k than if you were reasonably fit and were currently running say 2k.

Plan your exercises around your other commitments and take into account if you are a morning or an evening person. Exercise at about the same time every day and you will get into a routine, and your body will come to expect the exercise. Also, you need to mix up the exercises. Do different things on different days and remember you need to do resistance training as well as cardio.



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