Software Programs for Mac


1Microsoft Office for Mac

The same Office software but now for Mac with the added bonus of Office 365 for single purchase at the moment, the perfect bundle package for anyone looking to upgrade for home or business. New modern versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote in this 2016 suite resembles the old 2011 version but has had some upgrades and redesigns. For those who are new to Mac and have converted from Windows you will be pleased to know that short functions such as Ctrl-F for find are now active in the Mac version. It has the same functionality of Office but now has the streamline look of the Mac, enabling you to produce high quality work at any time and in any location compatible with your MacBook, tablet and phone. Not only this but you can now get more done by working together on projects with built in sharing tools and the ability to co-edit documents and presentations Perfect for when you are working together but are in two separate locations. A great addition to your new Mac investment and a good investment in itself to guarantee you produce your best and more professional looking work to date.



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