Some Floating Hotel Rooms Carry You To Different Islands


Floating hotel rooms carry you to different islands

The floating hotel rooms are one of the greatest and latest trends in the travel industry. Have you ever wished for an unusual and amazing experience when you take a vacation in a single room that is on the water and it takes you on a trip to different islands in the middle of the ocean? Well, now your wish can finally become reality.


The Huis Ten Bosch theme park is a Dutchinspired park located in Nagasaki, Japan, that offers a once in a lifetime experience. This main purpose of the whole idea is to be able to get into a room that will float on the water and guests are going to be taken to different destinations every day. The Huis Ten Bosch is a huge park located on 42,000 square feet of ground and it offers all sorts of hotels, restaurants, villas, theaters. This theme park actually recreates the Netherlands, and all of the buildings are copies of characteristic Dutch buildings. This park already has one very interesting hotel, the robot hotel, that is completely run by robots. But if that is not adventurous and exciting for you, the park is preparing a new surprise.

The latest and most extravagant invention of this park are the floating hotel rooms that can carry you to different islands. The rooms can fit up to four people and look like small capsules. Each room has two floors, on the first floor there is a bathroom, and the bedroom is located on the second floor. The capsules are not going to be just regular floating rooms, but reportedly they are going to be small luxury hotel rooms with the size between 36 and 38 square feet.

They are going to be very cozy, with large windows that are going to allow you to enjoy the amazing view of nature. The top of the bedroom will be a large glass window, that will prevent guests to feel claustrophobic and will add a romantic view to the stars for happy couples. The Huis Ten Bosch owns a wide variety of uninhabited islands across the Omura Bay that are a potential stop for your journey.

Just imagine falling asleep while floating on water and waking up at a beautiful island with an untouched amazing nature. The floating hotel rooms have a special GPS system that is programmed before the departure and it is considered to be very safe according to the representatives. The way in which the GPO will choose the route is still unknown. Are you one of those people that can fully relax and enjoy a trip in the middle of the ocean?

Guests upon the arrival to the island will have a whole day to spend and explore. They have to get back into the floating hotel room in the evening, and their journey goes on to another island, another destination, with the pod slowly floating during the night. This way guests are going to have enough time to get some sleep and rest and be ready for new adventures each morning. According to the latest news, during the journey the guests are also going to be a part of different activities, even some that are similar to the ones in “The Hunger Games“, playing survival games with toy guns.

To some people, this experience might sound very scary, but to others is already on their bucket lists. One thing is for sure, this is a very trending topic and it has a great chance of becoming a new and favorite way for people to travel and explore. So if you are adventurous enough and you are looking for a peaceful, unusual trip, away from crowds and busy touristic attractions this might be the perfect place for you The opinions on the floating hotel rooms are divided so far, so all we can do is wait and see.

The price on the rooms is speculated to range from266$ up to 355$ per night. The price might seem a little too high, but it is probably worth to pay for such an amazing experience. The theme park is expected to get the floating hotel rooms built and running by the end of the year


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