The Banned Games Of All Time


“Appears as though I am continually sparing your rear end.”

Not just is she a fortune seeker, this Australian renegade is similarly agreeable in a gunfight or a fistfight, whatever the event requests. Chloe is intrepid, overcome, and has a saucy state of mind to boot.

2Oerba Yun Fang (Final Fantasy 13)

Cite: “You need to continue relaxing? Quiet down and come calm.”

With a name like Fang, this young lady must be intense. As an individual from the Yun Clan, Fang is as extreme and dauntless as she is sympathetic and minding. With readiness to battle and relinquish for those she tends to and huge expertise with a lance, Fang is more than ready to handle business.


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