The Top World Theme Parks


Amusement park or theme park is the generic term for a collection of rides and entertainment for the purpose of taking a large group of people gathered. An amusement park is more elaborate with a simple city park or playground, usually providing attractions that children, adolescents and adults to meet. The theme park is a kind of amusement park that was built around one or more topics, such as an American West theme, or Atlantis. Today, the amusement parks and theme parks are terms often used interchangeably. Some of these parks focus on marine and wildlife, while others focus on adventurous and accelerating rides. Other parks focus on entertainment based on famous stories, themes, and characters. Peruse to find more on Parks in the World.

Here is the list of “Best World attractions / theme parks” is.

2Universal Studios in Rolando, Florida

After countless plugs on Nickelodeon with the legendary Universal Studios Globe as a child, this Rolando, Florida mastodon was more exciting for me as Disneyland or Six Flags. When I finally saw for myself, disappointed it did not last! With more entertainment, you can experience in a whole week on two large parks, and retail-centric City Walk, Universal Rolando Resort is just a lifetime. In this theme park rides and attractions are on the popular film and television properties, including Shrek, Men in Black, The Mummy Jaws, and Terminator, and (a classic, as always) are based, and so on. The new Rivet the Simpsons is simply brilliant! Even more exciting for the fans of thrills is the sister park, Universal Islands of Adventure. Divided into five sections, or islands, takes the park on a journey through the world of Marvel superheroes, Rd. Seuss, Jurassic Park and others.


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