Top 7 Epic Things To Do When You’re Bored


Dullness is a killer, and it’s the biggest reason why you should possess a host of activities when bored. Now there are lots of stuff you can do to light you up, though we quite often find ourselves running out of ideas when both you are tired of Fb or the Xbox games you have aren’t that attractive anymore. The following is a list of the things to do when you’re bored;
Prank your mates.

If you have never experimented with this before, it may be one of the newest as well as exciting things to do whenever bored. How about obtaining your phone as well as call your buddy. Pretend you are a crooked cop and you just arrested their brother or perhaps a close friend. It’s interesting listening to the gasps and pleas from the other end of the phone just before an individual scream ‘gotcha!’

Alternatively, you could send any prank text to your friends. Tell them they won some lottery and laughed in the thrill they have until they realize the facts. Jokes are fun but don’t go too far, like, making a ransom contact, unless you want to be charged.

2Try Painting

You don’t need to be ideal at it. Painting art can be just for fun and pleasure. So get a good piece of art pad and some brushes and pretend you’re Pablo Picasso for the day. It works better yet if you have your girlfriend or boyfriend around. Both of you could have a go at Mona Lisa or the Eiffel tower to see who comes close to the semblance. The lesser you are at a piece of art the better. It means you will have a good laugh at your horrible painting! By the end of the day, you have another amusement activity to add to your list of things to do when you’re bored.


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