Top 8 Tinder Alternatives Websites Apps



Tinder is known all over the world for being one of the best dating apps. Besides Tinder, are you missing out on alternatives and options? You might prefer other dating app formats that focuses on a different angle. Here is a brief list of Tinder alternative that you may want to consider:

Tinder Alternatives Websites Apps


Bristlr is a more different Tinder alternative than the rest. Only men who have beards are qualified to sign up for the app. Yes, you heard it right. Basically Bristlr is for women who love bearded men. A woman can flick through her possible matches and judge different men based on their looks and the looks of their beard. This alternative even has a rating for the beard of every man signed up to their app. Subsequently, a woman will then know what is the beard rating of the man that she would be dating.


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