Top Coldest Place On Earth


Everyone enjoys a rather warm atmosphere, and summer is always the talk of the day once it’s here. However, the world is a hub of extreme variances in the climatic conditions with the weather and the climatic conditions varying from the hottest to the coldest extreme making some places impossible for human existence. I would like to take you through some of the places that experience the extremities of the coldest weathers possible. There can’t be the possibility of pinpointing that one specific place on earth that is coldest than the others as different regions have recorded the tendency to break each other’s scale from time to time Russia however, dominates the list by having most of the coldest regions on earth and having recorded the ever lowest temperatures at negative 128.6 degrees F in Vostok, Antarctica back in the year 1983 on July 21st. The discussed regions are the ones that record the lowest temperatures.

A town in Russia known as Oymyakon harbors not more 1000 inhabitants; this is one of the coldest and permanently inhabited places on earth, though facing close competition from a fellow town in Verkhoyansk in Yakutian. The town is located in the deep outskirts of Serbia and located in a valley where the wind flows from the north while there are only three hours of winter sunshine every other day that passes. The place adjacent to the Antarctica back in the year 1933 recorded a low of 90 degrees F.

Vostok Station Antarctica located distinctively in the South Pole is a highly frosty place. As earlier mentioned holds the current record of the lowest temperatures ever recorded of negative 128.5 degrees F. However, in the year 2010, the record may have been outdone through satellite feeds that showed a ground temperature of minus 136 degrees F on the East Antarctic Plateau.

International Falls in Minnesota is located at the lower side of United States along the Canadian border. The Falls thrive from being referred to as the aElice-box of the state’ to the extent of seeking a legal affirmation to the name. The temperature in International Falls has remained to record a low of minus 40 degrees F has seen to the eventful moments such as the annually held Icebox Days Winter Festival. The festival features the elegance of snow sculptures, racing events and frozen bowling events.

The other highly frosty region is Winnipeg in Canada but whatever the case, Snag in Yukon or the abandoned village recorded a low of minus 83 degrees F in the year 1947 seconded by the town of Fort Good Hope that recorded negative 79 degrees F in the year 1910. Winnipeg captured the headlines when the Curiosity Rover on Mars showed readings that were a bit higher than those recorded at Manitoba Museum. Since the equatorial regions have recorded lows of up to negative 80 degrees F, you can imagine the wrath that comes along with the Winnipeg winters.

The other parts of the world that have captured the title of the coldest regions around the globe include the below regions.

1Rogers Pass in Montana, USA

Reports indicate that Rogers Pass is positioned at 5610 feet above the sea level and it is located on the continental divide in United States of Montana. Estimates indicate that Rogers Pass has the coldest temperature records in the whole of United States just exterior of Alaska. In the twentieth of January 1954, it was recorded that the area acquires a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius during the time of severe cold wave.



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