Top Ways To Open A Coconut


Have you ever purchased a coconut and need to open it? No downside we’ll let you know how one can open a coconut. Many individuals purchase the complete coconut to drink its contemporary juice and likewise its contemporary meat may be very tasty. Right here i let you know alternative ways with step-by-step directions to open a coconut.

Draining coconut water earlier than opening it

To get the yummy coconut juice it’s a must to drain this earlier than breaking the coconut. I at all times drain it earlier than opening coconut as a result of i like to drink it. Listed below are some strategies to empty coconut water.

Utilizing screw driver

  1. Take the coconut and place it on non slippery, arduous floor.
  2. Now you see three eyes on coconut. One in every of them is softer than the opposite two, discover it.
  3. Utilizing a screw driver poke the softer eye. If you happen to discover tough to open that eye simply solely with the assistance of screw driver you should utilize hammer alongside.
  4. After opening the attention drain the coconut water in a bowl or cup. And that’s a tasty and wholesome drink.

Utilizing driller

Simply take the driller and drill eyes of the coconut. After which pour the coconut juice in a bowl.

Utilizing cork screwer

Use cork screwer to puncture the eyes of the coconut after which drain juice in a bowl.

Breaking or opening coconut after draining its juice

Open coconut utilizing hammer

  1. Take a plastic bag and put coconut in it.
  2. Now take the hammer and hit coconut with it and apply sufficient power to interrupt it.

Use a giant knife

  1. Take a giant sharp knife that may do give you the results you want.
  2. Now take the coconut and place it on a tough floor with its eyes on one facet.
  3. Now begin chopping it from centre and likewise carry on rotating coconut. Do it till the coconut opens.
  4. Don’t reduce coconut by inserting it in your hand as a result of it may well damage you.

Crack open a coconut

  1. Place the coconut in microwave oven and warmth it up for about ten minutes.
  2. After that hit it with a hammer and it’ll break coconut simply.
  3. This methodology additionally eases the eradicating of outer shell of the coconut.

Hit coconut with some strong edge

  1. Place the coconut in your hand and maintain it firmly.
  2. Now hit it with fringe of a wall or another strong edge. Carry on hitting till the coconut break up into items.

Eradicating coconut outer shell

Outer shell of coconut could be eliminated with the assistance of knife simply after which you’ll be able to eat contemporary coconut meat. When you have used crack open methodology to interrupt coconut then its shell simply separates from meat with hand.


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