Unique Pregnancy Announcement Caught On Photo


Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the biggest moments in a woman’s life. And every woman chooses how to break the news to the world a little differently. Some choose to keep it a secret for a time, while others choose to spread the news right away in diverse and unique ways. With the growth of social media, spreading the news has never been this easy, but finding a new and interesting way of announcing your big news is proving to be more difficult than it looks.


We’ve all seen some interesting ways to announce a baby on our social media: there were the classical surprise parties, where the future dad is the last one of his family and friends that finds out the news. The Scrabble games in which the future mom will spell it out for the dad. The rigged fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant. The present wrapped pregnancy test, when the husband really thinks that he’s going to receive a pen. The family’s dog or cat announcing a new human. The cute drawing on the future mom’s still flat or slightly enlarging belly. The adorable piece of baby clothing on hubby’s laptop. The cute his and hers T-shirt that announce the third player entering the game, or that something is loading for nine months. And last, but not least, the big announcement on social media, with a lot of fireworks emoji in it. Each and every one is a fun way to announce your partner and the world of the big event.



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