Uterine Cancer Symptoms To Look Out For


Cancer is a result of cells in specific parts of the body growing abnormally due to a number of reasons. Uterine cancer, also referred to as endometrial cancer, is the cancer that starts in the uterus. The uterus is part of the female reproductive system and is the organ where a fetus grows and develops.

Uterine cancer starts when the growth of the cells in the inner or outer lining of the uterus becomes out of control. Herein is a detailed and comprehensive account on uterine cancer symptoms and what you need to look out for.


Abnormal vaginal bleeding happens to be the most commonly exhibited symptom by women afflicted with uterine cancer. It is very important to note that this alone cannot be an indicator of this cancer. Many other gynecologic conditions including ovarian and cervical cancers, polyps, fibroid tumors and cervical inflammation manifest as unusual vaginal bleeding. Therefore, if you experience this symptom it is important that you seek immediate medical counsel.

Many women are often confused as to what exactly constitutes abnormal vaginal bleeding. There are several instances that you can consider vaginal bleeding abnormal. If you experience heavy periods that last for more than two cycles, you should consult a doctor. Other women may experience sudden heavy vaginal bleeding that leads to usage of at least one sanitary pad per hour for prolonged periods of time. This occurrence necessitates immediate physical checkup.

You should also look out for bleeding between periods where you exhibit either heavy spotting or an extra cycle in a month. Also, any bleeding that you experience during and/or after sex can be considered unusual vaginal bleeding. This can be an indicator of uterine, vaginal or cervical cancer. Women who have already gone through menopause should be particularly watchful for vaginal bleeding.


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