What Life Looks Like Before and After You Turn Into 30

30 years Before and After life

What Life Looks Like Before and After You Turn 30

Life is dynamic. There are many phases of a person’s life. You will not stick into one phase forever. Life is a mixture of happiness and sorrows, good memories and bitter memories, mistakes and achievements. You can never imagine what will happen after 30 years from now.

30 years Before and After life

But it is true that your fate of future will be influenced by the deeds of your present. In this article, I will discuss about what life looks like before and after you turn 30. I am not a fortune teller. But I will give an idea of the different phases of a person’s life. By findings may not be 100% accurate, but it is definitely would be applicable for more than 95%. The rest 5% are the exceptions.

Let’s start…Well, I will start the discussion with a trip to the nostalgia; to the childhood days. Childhood days are the golden days. The most exciting part of the story book. In this phase there are no responsibilities, no bindings, no tensions for the future life. You just need to do one thing- that is to play all day with your friends. It’s like a bird fling the sky. The high school days are the most exciting part.

Here you learn new things, meet with friends, interact with them. In this era of social media, kids now-a-days spent a lot of time in internet. They make friend circles, groups and also gangs. In high school, a boy or a girl first introduce themselves with relationships, love affairs.

Yes, it starts from high school. Though most of it came from the emotion, but this short journey to the love affair with the first lover is always exciting and ever green memory.After high school, we enter the phase of college.

From here the practice of becoming self-sufficient starts. In the developed country, boys and girls start to do jobs from college at summer or winter vacation. Then this is the time teenage boys and girls parties a lot! Here a teenage boy or girl can let their life enter into the darkness and can also shine their life with the brightest color. So, in this phase, guidance from the elders are necessary.

The future of a person is so much dependent on the graduation. It effects a person’s career. So, it is the pillar building phase of life. If the pillar is strong, the building would be unbreakable. After Graduation, we then start to think about the career. Worries, tensions started to grow in our mind. The independent, tension free mind starts to think for the future. Here a young man or women try their level best to reach to their goal.

It is the life changing stage. You need to go from door to door to many offices for looking for a job. When you get one, then your life is set. Now you are a corporate person. Not that independent, thug teenage anymore. In the job field, you have to think twice before taking a step. Many things are dependent on your decision. So, you have to be wise. You cannot do whatever you want to.

There is a saying that- “Great power have great responsibilities”. When you start to earn money, you start to have responsibilities under your shoulder. You don’t earn money for you only. You belong to a family. So, you have to spent the money wisely. You cannot spend a lot of money on parting like a teenage boy.

Now, you are ready to get married. Marriage life is completely a different phase of life. Marriage with a perfect partner will make your life beautiful. On the contrary, marriage with and imperfect partner will make your life miserable. But it is the process of society, to people bonds with love and make children. Now you have your own family and lots of responsibilities. You have to think about your children’s education, health, future.

You have to take care of Partner. You have to buy gifts for your loved one’s in the Christmas. So, our short journey of life is not short at all There are many exciting phases of life. From the days of homework to the days of changing diapers, life always teaches us many things. It’s not all the same throughout the life. Just witness the different phases and enjoy.


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